Our products contain...
  • Free Range Pork
  • Himalayan Crystal salt
  • Pure spices
  • And are always...
  • Gluten FREE
  • Lactose FREE
  • Antibiotic FREE
  • With...
  • NO Refined Sugars
  • NO Fillers
  • NO MSG Added

  • Himalayan Crystal Salt
  • Chemical Analysis

  • Free Range Pork
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  • The 108 Sausage Company exists to provide nutritious and delicious eating experiences for people.
    To be recognized as the first choice for the most innovative, highest quality specialty meat products in the communities we serve.

    Our Products

    All sausage products are $10 per package. If you buy 5 packages of sausage products at a time, you will get a 10% discount.

    Dry Cured Bacon package prices vary by weight. Prices range from $10. to $20 per package, depending on weight.

    Quantities of certain items may be limited from time to time.

    For the BBQ

    Spicy Frankfurters
    Ukrainian Sausage, BBQ Style
    Garlic Smokies
    Italian Smokies
    Smoked Bratwurst
    Mennonite Farmer Sausage, BBQ Style

    Semi-Dry Snack Stix

    Summer Stix
    Beer Stix
    Farmer Stix
    Honey Garlic Stix

    Fresh Frozen Pork

    Boneless Pork Loin Chops
    Boneless Pork Loin Roast

    Fresh Frozen Sausages and Bacon

    Spanish Chorizo
    Dry Cured Sugar Free Bacon
    Breakfast Sausage
    Breakfast Sausage with Maple
    Himalayan Salt & Pepper Dinner Sausage

    Pork In A Round Sausage Patties (Fresh Frozen)

    Breakfast Patties
    Herb & Spice Patties

    Please remember..

    When you buy 108 Sausage products, you are getting the same cuts as you would in a fine roast or ham. It's all natural, free range pork, which really sets us apart from the crowd. The absence of fillers enhances the quality of our products, but it is our insistence on using only selected cuts of pork with no "trim" (a.k.a. leftovers) that sets our sausage products apart.